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Real Name

Dr. Andrew Fox




September 20, 1983


Mayor of France

Joined Server

Created Server

AndyFox42 is the co-creator of the MC Badlands server, along with Docithe. Everything that exists in the Badlands today would not exist for our enjoyment if not for their paying of the bills and excellent leadership.

Famous Quotes

  • "Save the drama for your llama."

Server Contributions

New Badlands

Old Badlands

Original Badlands

Notable Bans


  • Docithe is AndyFox42's brother.
  • AndyFox42 made his own skin, modeled after his real-life self.
  • Andy was a semi-pro hard rock guitarist in the past. While this may no longer be his chosen career, he is still an avid player of Ibanez and Jackson guitars and Peavey amps.
  • Due to his involvement in many server affairs besides playing the game itself, Andy is sometimes logged in to the Badlands but AFK. A peculiar fascination with moving AFK Andy has become popular. Andy has returned to find himself under water, in caves, and in a variety of other strange locations. Once he was surrounded by dirt and, upon emerging, found himself to have been "buried" next to St. Daniel's. The person who seems to enjoy doing these things the most is nnccmm.
  • AndyFox42 tends to be subject to odd re-logs. Staff members sometimes "bury" their leader in a teasing manor.
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