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aperture97 joined the Badlands back before the Neo Badlands were created. However, he was not very active, but remains a part of the Neo Badlands community. He enjoys playing on the Badlands Server and is most widely known for building structures out of cobblestone (but has been moving towards pine architecture as of late).

Favorite QuotationsEdit

"Aim low and you'll never be disappointed."

"Every step away creates a step back."

Background and the "Thunder from Down Under" == There are few that can state for sure where this enigmatic character hails from. Some swear that he was first seen stumbling around the northern reaches of the land years ago, clutching a small etched stone and mumbling endlessly about the "House of Armistar." Others state that he arose from the Western Sea to build that empire of commerce by the Spawn City, "Ace Community Entertainment," or "ACE."

Until recently, this was all anybody had to go off of. However, a shocking discovery of an ancient tome buried deep beneath the permafrost may finally put to rest these wild legends, these far fetched claims about this mysterious character with a shady past. For in its pages, this book appears to be a first-hand account of his earliest exploits (a journal, if you will) with exceptional attention paid to the details of each tale.

Its first words lay it all bare: "It's true. All of it. About the House, the other worlds... all of it."

Achievements and HeresayEdit

Designed and constructed the Minehatten Rail Station, more or less spearheading the Minehatten area effort on the project.

He has written a few books, and plans to write several more and contribute to the server library.

He allegedly has a dragon eating a windjammer tattooed on his left forearm, but this has never been confirmed by reliable sources.