The Avalost-Spawn Railway Route is a railroad that travels from the Spawn area to Downtown Avalost. The railroad's construction began likely around January 6th, 2012 by AGPBiohazard, though the actual date is unknown currently. AGPBiohazard, having no knowledge of powering railroads, contracted Tex215 to power the railroad. The railroad was brought to operating condition on January 8th, when powered rail installation was completed. The railroad was closed for renovation by the order of Tex215, when the Jarl of Avalost, Mandavel, asked Tex215 to widen the tunnel the train occupies. Not a week later, the railway was closed again for renovation by the order of 3ckstasy. Adding in the glass portion near "Canyon", enclosing the entire above-ground section, as well as installing additional powered-rails (1 in 6 or greater are now powered). Tex215 uses the tunnel to escort people to Avalost, as it is quicker than taking the surface route.

Characteristics/Notable FactsEdit

The railway is the first railroad in the Heartlands. It is powered, though due to budget constraints/availability of resources, only 1 in every 6 rail is powered. The train tunnel is completely covered, mainly to keep mobs off of the tracks. as well as lined with stone or cobblestone to give it a more formal look. There are many dark pockets surrounding the train tunnels as well as close proximity to the surface of the world, so travelers may hear hostile mob sounds, though they have no way of entering the tunnel without either someone opening a hole to expose the tunnel or the mobs entering through either of the stations. The railroad has chests containing Railcarts labeled "Take One. Replace One." for public use.

Flooding Prevention SystemEdit

Parts of the tunnel are under water, so Tex215, as part of the renovations he closed the tunnel for, are to install sponges to minimize flooding and water damage from grief attacks (as 90% of the railroad sits outside of Avalost's Worldguard border) and accidents where the wall might break and allow water through. Although it is operational, the system's effectiveness is sporadic at best, and as such, not even Tex215 is completely sure of its effects or faults. He is aware of the "blind spots" some of the sponges have, and plans to fix it eventually.