Badlands Bank
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Frontal view of the Badlands Bank.

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September 21, 2011

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Spawn City


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The Badlands Bank was a safe-haven for all valuable items in MC Badlands. For players that could afford an account ($20,000), the Badlands Bank offered a secure location for any and all items they deposited.

Layers of SecurityEdit

The Badlands Bank offered 100% security. This meant that whether it was a regular day at the office or if there were evil NPCs raging around, blowing things up, killing people, and setting things on fire, valuables were safe. In the unlikely event that anything was actually stolen from the bank (see below), accurate paper logs were kept, so all items would be returned regardless.


  • A bank account at the Badlands Bank cost $20,000.
  • There was never a successful robbery of the Badlands Bank, but there were several attempts.
  • In the most recent map change, the Badlands Bank was not rebuilt. This is due to the fact that, as a result of new plugins and Minecraft updates, it is much more logical for players to safely store their own items.