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July ??, 2011

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The Badlands Logo was a landmark that became quite well known in the Badlands. Originally created by Mr_Zipper, this logo hovered over the Badlands Bank for months, and represented the longevity of the server.


  • The Badlands Logo was created during a push by Mr_Zipper to motivate people to build more for the server.
  • In August of 2011, Mr_Zipper added the words "Welcome to the" above the word "Badlands"
2011-08-14 02.50.11

The Badlands Logo with the words "Welcome to the" added.

  • The Badlands Logo was places directly above the Badlands Bank and across from the Old Badlands Spawn. In fact, much of the scaffolding used to make the sign was set on the Bank's roof!
  • During the incident which resulted in the banning of justinpiu, the Badlands Logo was griefed with lava. Mr_Zipper, however, repaired the sign promptly the same day.