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May 1, 2012

The rank Developer was added to the ranking system to indicate a player that was tasked with overseeing the development of new custom plugins and other technical aspects of the server. Developers worked on the website, plugin configuration, troubleshooting bugs, and making performance tweaks to ensure that the Badlands continued to offer players an amazing experience. Developers did not hold authority over other players, meaning they did not dole out punishments or enforce rules.

The rank was removed after a massive server overhaul that resulted in the Neo Badlands. The role and purpose of the Developer with plugin management was passed back to its original holders, the Owners and Administrators. All former Developers were demoted to the Citizen rank.

Former DevelopersEdit


  • Direct1221 was the only dis-honorably discharged Developer when the rank existed, having left after an incident that came to be known as Direct's Derp.
  • In retrospect, the developers never really developed much of anything.
  • A display showing off the custom plugins created by the developers can be seen in the Badlands History Museum .