Donation Box

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July ??, 2011

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The Donation Box's purpose was to help spread the wealth among players. The rule was you could take one item, but you had to leave one item. This system eventually fell apart when people began leaving dirt, gravel, or nothing at all. As a result, the box was removed.


  • The Real Estate Board took over the spot the Donation Box once occupied.
  • Several warnings were posted to remind players about the rules of use but abuse continued, so the Donation Box was destroyed on July 29, 2011 and replaced by the Real Estate Board a few days later.
  • The Donation Box consisted of a double-chest with a workbench to the left and a furnace to the right.
  • Docithe and AndyFox42 would sometimes discretely stock the donation box with valuable items such as Iron, Diamond Tools, and Lapis Lazuli.