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January 22, 2012

The Elite Builder rank was added on January 22, 2012. The Badlands had recognized Elite Builders prior to this, but they were never given an in-game rank tor any special perks prior to that time. The two previous Elite Builders were both staff members, so they kept their respective ranks in-game. There was, however, one player that was not staff that was recognized as an Elite Builder without the rank before the rank was made (Benshiro.) He was subsequently awarded the in-game rank upon his return to the Badlands during the Neo Badlands era.

Qualifying BuildsEdit

To be considered for Elite Builder status, players must build something truly amazing. Simply building a big town or a cool house is not grounds for recognition. to earn this status, players must build something that is truly impressive and one of a kind, worthy of sharing with the entire Minecraft community on sites like PlanetMinecraft .

For a build to be considered, it must be made using 100% legitimate means. Works that were made using spawned items will not be considered.


Elite Builders are honored with an in-game rank that signifies their achievement. They are granted access to the Highlands creative world which is normally reserved for VIP's. They may receive additional rewards, to be handled on an individual basis. In the past, for instance, Elite Builders were been given a highly desirable office in Spawn City. They are frequently invited to work on special server builds and official projects which sometimes means they get access to secrets or surprises before they are released on the server.

Nomination ProcessEdit

To become an Elite Builder, the following process must be followed:

  1. A nomination must be made in the Elite Builder Nominations forum. Pictures must be posted, along with coordinates to view some of the nominee's works in game.
  2. A total of 5 players must post in the thread giving their support for the nomination. A minimum of 2 of those posting support must be staff members.
  3. Upon receiving the proper endorsement, staff will vote on the Elite Builder proposal. If the candidate receives at least 16 "Yes" votes, he or she will be promoted to the rank of Elite Builder.

List of Elite BuildersEdit