Farore joined the Badlands at the end of 2011, during the beginning of the Post Merger Era. She was convinced to join after leaving a previous server along with a few friends. When first joining the server, Farore was amazed by the size of the community, and commenced to build a little wooden house not too far from the spawn area. Not long after setting herself up, Farore was told by her friend Avita that he had found a snow biome, and Farore was keen to follow him there.

Joining three friends, coastergeek25, Avita_Creator and Admiralbeercakes, Farore set up a beautiful little cobble house in the snow biome that was the noob house to end all noob houses. After expanding this house to include a floating farm and snow block decorations, she convinced her partner, nbws_tempest, to try out the server. The two of them worked hard to establish their own collection of builds including Tempest's ravine and sheep farm, and Farore's floating nature mansion.

After the Great Roll-Back of five days, Farore stayed away from the server for a while. It took some convincing from nbws_tempest to bring her back. She joined Avalost, but commenced to build in Atlantis, the area owned by woolsome, a great expanse of land surrounded in oceans, beneath the sea.

After periods of infrequent play-time, Farore again became immersed in the server after the latest update, during the New Badlands Era. With a new map and exciting updates, Farore became an avid poke-artist, decorating the area east of Avalost with numerous pokemon artwork.

After exploring further areas of the Badlands Map, Farore stumbled upon a unique natural landscape that enthralled her. Farore commenced work on what would soon become Faron (A name nbws_tempest suggested which originates from the Zelda game and has an obvious connected to the character Farore). Now Farore is a proud mayor of the town, along with co-mayor, nbws_tempest.

Farore went from being a citizen, to purchasing VIP Diamond, to becoming one of few ever female officers. She is still currently an officer of the Badlands.

Famous quotesEdit

  • Derp happens