Feckyeslife's Graveyard for Angels and Demons
2012-02-10 22.32.00
The Graveyard as seen from the entrance

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February 10, 2012

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This graveyard was created on February tenth, 2012, by feckyeslife. While in the midst of re-banning a player who created an account just to appeal a ban, feckyeslife placed the player into bedrock. Its name ("for Angels and Demons") is rather silly, as there is only one occupant.

Interned PlayersEdit


- February 10, 2012

  • ZC50 was originally banned at the same time as infamous Trial Moderator Deathpheonix for conspiring to spawn diamonds and other rare items for profit. They amassed an estimated total of 720 Diamond Blocks in his inventory. They were discovered when an anonymous Badlands Builder tipped off the administration that ZC50 had thousands of diamonds for sale in his shop. After Feckyeslife successfully outed the pair, both were banned. ZC50 returned to the server some two weeks after under the name of Mirpo99 and began playing again. It was only when he asked Feckyeslife if players that had been banned on other accounts would be banned again that staff realized that ZC50 had returned. Mirpo99 then publicly acknowledged that he was ZC50 and stated that he was trying to "fix" what had happened. He also attempted to buy Deathpheonix's unbanning by "getting lots of in-game money". After some rambling about how their diamonds were helping the server as they killed the economy, Feckyeslife interned ZC50 in bedrock and banned him after some uneventful final words. There was no funeral.