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Attendants at the Funeral of deathpheonix

Originally created by Docithe on January 25th, 2012 during the funeral of the late Deathpheonix, this line was spoken by Docithe as a possible explanation of why Deathpheonix's name was spelt in correctly

A quick transcriptEdit

From Deathpheonix's funeral at St. Daniel's, the graveyard for infamous banned players:

  • Docithe: Okay
  • Docithe: We are gathered here today
  • Docithe: Not to celebrate a wedding
  • Docithe: But a passing of sorts
  • Docithe: A good friend of many of us
  • Docithe: But not really
  • Docithe: DeathPheonix
  • Docithe: Has been permabanned
  • Docithe: Why was his name spelled incorrectly
  • Docithe: We do not know
  • Docithe: We will never know now...
  • Docithe: Maybe it was durgz
  • Docithe: But alas
  • Docithe: He is gone
  • Docithe: He was a TrialMod
  • Docithe: What did this mean?
  • Docithe: Andy was probably drunk.

What does it mean?Edit

The now meme phrase has come to be used whenever a player, staff or builder, has done something completely odd, and mostly unexplainable. For example whenever a player absolutely messes up in house design, or codes something wrong, a possible explanation for this could be "maybe it was durgz?"

Also, since the time of the funeral, it has been spoken as a server message.