2011-08-14 18.36.12
Entrance gate to Newbville as it stands now.

Founded on

July 03, 2011

Founded by


Abandoned on

August 02, 2011


94, 68, -163

Newbville was an Original Badlands settlement near the first Shopping District, which was founded by Docithe. It was designed to supply cheap housing and farms to new players. The original town held approximately 6-8 small and medium houses ranging in prices from $75 to $150. These houses however tended to be bought by already stable members of the MC Badlands and therefore the town was not true to its name. There was a General Store located within the town that supplied any member of the server with cheap, simple materials needed for survival.

When Towny was removed from the server in the months of July and early August, Newbville remained a town in name only, much like other towns. Newbville has since been declared condemned and all of the houses demolished. Docithe planned to build a new town in the same location, however not much has happened since the condemnation notices were posted.


  • Newbville was established when Towny was first enacted.
  • There was never a Stargate or Warp point to Newbville.
  • The General Store was one of the first stores. It however was quickly left in the dust by the much larger and more diverse Shopping District once it was built up, just feet away.
  • Newbville existed before the Shopping District was built.