2011-08-15 13.11.37
An aerial shot of Oceana in it's prime.

Founded on

June 21, 2011

Founded by


Abandoned on

August 14, 2011


-42, 64, -268

Oceana was one of the early Original Badlands era towns. It was founded by AndyFox42, and was located next to the original spawn. Plots in Oceana were large glass domes floating in the ocean. Each plot was filled with dirt, but had a hollowed out basement which the owner could customize. Since there was no way to reach Oceana except by boat, a lifetime supply of boats was provided to all residents.

Oceana was the site of the first Spleef arena on the server. Unfortunately, it was nearly impossible for the Badlanders of that era to put it to use. The server hardware that was in use at the time was very weak. The amount of lag generated by a handful of players standing in one place and breaking lots of blocks at the same time made it impossible to play Spleef in this arena, thus it was very seldom used.

Another feature that was found in Oceana was a special shop. Andy created a shop in the middle of town that dealt in rare items. Players could buy rareities such as slime balls or colored wool. Later, Andy would remove this shop after deciding that he didn't want to sell spawned items to players. This policy endured long after this original shop was closed, and remains in place to this day.

A recreation of one of Oceana's plots can be seen atop the Badlands History Museum.