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June 19, 2011

Famous Ppl.


July 04, 2011 (brought out of retirement c. May 02, 2012.)

Officers are members of the Badlands Staff. Their responsibilities include enforcing the server rules, helping players in need, and assisting Guests with the registration process so that they can become Citizens. Officers are given VIP Diamond privelgaes for free as a sign of thanks for their hard work and continued efforts to make the server a better place.

The original Officers were SafetyMoose and CrayzGurl, both in July of 2011.

Click here for a list of ex-officers (or ex-moderators)


  • The Officer rank was created by Andy a few days after the server was created. He had to go to work, but he wanted someone on the server to be able to promote anybody that joined to the Citizen rank so that they could build.
  • Originally, the color for Officers was dark blue. It was then changed to yellow for a short time, but eventually the color was changed to purple which has remained the Officer color ever since.
  • The rank was renamed "Moderator" during the New Badlands era. This was reverted back to Officer at the start of the Neo Badlands era.