The Badlands is home to many players, both revered and hated by the general population. Here, you can learn details about them!

Current Staff MembersEdit


The server owners are ultimately in charge of keeping the server up and running and working correctly. When there are bugs or problems with plugins, these are the two individuals that are responsible for investigating and solving the problems.


The Admins oversee the Badlands' operations on a day to day basis. They are responsible for repairing damage such as griefing. They ensure that the rules are being properly enforced. Admins have all access to plugin commands, and are able to provide technical support to the players.


Badlands Officer are the enforcers of the server rules. They help new players become registered members. They must also know all the rules and enforce them in accordance with the listed punishments. Officers are expected to make the performance of staff duties their top priority, above personal goals such as building or mining. Officers are expected to drop what they are doing to go help somebody, investigate griefing, or carry out any other mod function when needed.


This list includes all Badlanders who have made a wiki page about themselves, or players of historical importance for whom a page was made. These is certainly not a complete list of the thousands of players that have visited the Badlands since it's inception. All Badlanders are encouraged to create a page for themselves, which can then be added to the list.

Infamous PlayersEdit

These notorious players made their mark on the Badlands, but certainly not in a positive way. Though not all of these players are banned, many are interned in St. Daniel's Cemetery. The other players listed here are remembered throughout history for various devious acts and encounters.