Raised Risk
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The Arena

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Raised Risk is a game with a simple objective, be the last team alive.

The ArenaEdit

The arena is a large box of bedrock with a lava floor. There are four floating islands in each corner, with smaller themed islands scattered throughout the arena.

The 1337 ChestEdit

The 1337 Chest is a game changer. Opening it may create the means to end the game very shortly after it's opened.


  • The original Raised Risk arena was created by Cordestian, Brian_Beast, bloodwi11, kaleli, knight2109, and GiovanniZeko
  • The idea, developed by this group of friends, was a pvp take on skyblock survival.
  • Cordestian is the only one in the group of RR founders that still actively maintains the RR legacy.
  • Raised Risk is also called RR.

How to PlayEdit

You spawn on a 10x10 Island either alone or with friends.

Behind you in the corner is a floating chest with essential supplies.

You may destroy blocks and build in the arena.

You must bridge over to the other islands to kill the other teams... you may kill everyone by any means.

You may NOT fly.

There is a 1337 chest (Leet chest) in the center of the arena at the very top, above the TNT cannon that will help you win.