The Badlands are home to many players, each of which have a rank on the server. Find out more information here!

Ranks currently in use Edit

Rank Description


The Badlands players. They are provided with many commands to enhance their gameplay experience, and can participate in all sorts of activities such as developing towns, engaging in PVP battles, or taking on hordes of monsters in the Mob Arenas .
SeniorCitizen A special distinction originally awarded to players that were active during the Original Badlands era, but now is awarded on the Badlands' birthday to players that have been on the Badlands for a year since that point.
EB A special rank awarded to only the finest and most creative builders on the server. Elite Builders are first nominated by peers, then voted upon by the staff once they have gained enough support. EB's are often invited to work on server builds and other secret projects. They are given full access to the Highlands creative world in recognition of their amazing talents as builders.


This rank is awarded to players that purchased special VIP packages such as Time Travel or custom item creation. It is also given to special visitors such as plugin developers that come on the server to see their creations in action. The VIP rank itself has the same permissions as the Citizen rank, and does not award any special powers.
Iron These players donated at least $5 towards the cost of running the server. As a result, they are granted special powers such as the ability to use a kit of Iron Tools and access to the Highlands creative world.
Gold These players donated at least $10 towards the cost of running the server. They are granted special powers which are even greater than those awarded to other VIP's.

These players donated at least $20 towards the cost of running the server and, as a result, are entitled to the highest level of special perks and powers available to any player. Unlike the Diamond VIP package this one expires after 1 month.


These players donated at least $65 towards the cost of running the server and, as a result, are entitled to the highest level of special perks and powers available to any player.


These players donated at least $50 towards the cost of advertising the server and, as a result, are entitled to the limited edition title, items and perks.


These noble players earned a spot on the server staff through their actions and notable deeds as players. The process of becoming an Officer is neither short nor easy, and most of the existing staff must approve of a new player before he or she is moved into this role. Officers enforce the server's rules and provide help to players whenever needed. They must also be highly active in other venues such as the website, the wiki, the Mumble, and public areas like Minecraft Forums where the server posts information in an attempt to attract new players.


Admins perform many of the same functions as the Owners and the Officers. They enforce the rules and help players much like Officers do, but they also perform technical work behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly. It is rare that an Admin position becomes available, but when one does, an Officer is selected to transition into the role.
Owner The Owners typically work behind the scenes to keep the server up and running. With the assistance of the Admins, they install and configure plugins, track down and fix bugs, change the configuration of various software running on the server to meet the changing needs of the community on a daily basis, and moderate the website. They seldom spend much time actually playing the game since most of their efforts are spent preventing malicious players from harming the server, tracking down glitches that dishonest players exploit, fixing things, researching new content to add to the server, and paying the bills.

Retired RanksEdit

Rank Description
Developer The developer rank was originally created during the New Badlands era, and was carried by Iaccidentally and Direct1221 (and later Zarubinator , following "Direct's Derp " which resulted in the disappearance of Direct1221.) This rank was intended to be for the server's plugin developers. Unfortunately, they never developed much of anything and they spent most of their time making useless things like exploding cats instead of useful plugins. With the end of the New Badlands era, the developers were removed from the staff. Though the Badlands now has an actual plugin developer, dvdbrander, he has not been given the developer title (mostly because of the bad memories it conjures up.)
Moderator The Moderator title was briefly in use during the New Badlands era. Prior to (and ever since) this time, the term Officer was used instead.
Default This unimaginative title was used during the New Badlands era to signify a player that had not yet registered. Prior to (and ever since) that time, the term Guest was used instead.


This rank was used during the Original Badlands and Old Badlands eras. It was given to any player that failed to log in to the Original website for a period of two weeks. The Owners used to check the site every weekend and identify users who had not been on for 14 days or more, which was required to maintain active membership at that time. This policy was abandoned when the server became too large to handle the task any more.
Trial Mod A rank that was in use during the New Badlands era to signify a staff member that was trying out for the rank of Moderator. With the transition to the Neo Badlands era, promotions are no longer conducted in this fashion. It was determined that "try outs" took far too long. Instead, the staff now receive and discuss applications amongst themselves, and choose candidates they believe are most likely to succees without requiring an actual trial period.
Trial Admin See above description of Trial Mod
Prisoner A rank that has made appearances sporatically throughout Badlands history, but never stuck around for very long. Several jail plugins automatically changed players' rank to Prisoner when they were jailed for violating a rule. Very few of the plugins that offered this feature worked correctly. The ones that did work didn't interface with the Badlands' permission system properly, resulting in issues with settings ranks such as this one.
Builder The rank awarded to Badlanders during the New Badlands era. With the changeover to the Neo Badlands this was scrapped in favor of Citizen, which had been in use before the merger.