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Skylands spawn in the Old Badlands

The Skylands was a territory in the Old Badlands. This map was available to players with the rank of VIP or higher. Players that fell off the edge were returned to the same coordinates in the "normal" world below without taking damage.

Skylands was a type of terrain that was actually programmed into Minecraft by Mojang. They had considered including it in an earlier version of the game, but never did so. Some tech savy folks noticed that the code for Skylands was in the game, and developed a plugin that allowed server owners to generate sky worlds. This all came to an end with the release of Minecraft version 1.0.0 however, as the code that Mojang had left in enabling Skylands world creation was removed. Since that time, it was impossible to create skylands worlds.

Eventually, a plugin was released that allowed for the creation of a new Skylands world. Skylands was reintroduced to the New Badlands world in late January of 2012. It was made available to all players when it was reintroduced, despite having been a VIP perk in the Old Badlands.


  • The Badlands' Sky map was once populated by unique creatures thanks to a special plugin that was being tested. Among these mobs were creepers that pushed players far away instead of blowing up, special snow wolves that threw snowballs, ghasts that threw snowballs and attempted to knock players off the side of the map, and giants. This plugin was, unfortunately, riddled with bugs and the developer disappeared into thin air without ever fixing it.