Slashaar has a creative aspect and undertakes large projects. He is kind to others and will often give help to anyone in need. Slashaar thinks of his fellow Badlanders as family and treats them with respect.

Slashaar, collaborating with nnccmm and king_midas13, helped found the town Colchester. He now resides within its borders and serves as the town assistant.

Slashaar played during the premerger era under the name SpecialOps. He then went AWOL during the brief period after the merger when the server became pvp. Slashaar has since then bought his own account in early 2012. He now plays frequently on the server.

Slashaar's in game avatar.


Colchester Co-Founder and Assistant


VIP Diamond

Past Projects:

Present Projects:

  • Secret "Cave" project
  • Vault 101 (Highlands)