2013-05-21 06.17.26

The Original Highlands Spawn of the Retro Badlands Era

The Highlands is a creative world open to VIPs and Elite builders. It was regenerated when the Badlanders were sent back in time causing all previous world connections to be severed. The Highlands seems to be mostly used for the testing of builds and redstone contraptions as it is easy to destroy and redo massive sections more quickly than in the standard world.

Spawn CompetitionEdit

2013-05-21 05.56.38

The Current Highlands Spawn, made by Mark3430 & gasparic104

A competition was made to select a spawn for the Highlands made by players. Several people entered including dannyprkr, who made an awesome cloud with a spiral leading to the ground, and chris1014, with an entry focusing on the ability to fly in Highlands. Ultimately though, it was Mark3430 & gasparic104 who won, completely to their surprise, with a Norse themed build.