The Temple of Angerona
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Entrance to The Temple of Angerona.

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June 30, 2011

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September 02, 2011

The Temple of Angerona is a server legend. Over the past weeks, small hints have been divulged by Docithe as to the location of this temple, although it has only been found once. Even though it has been found, much of the treasure is still present for the next explorers to stumble upon it!


The Temple of Angerona is a temple named after the Roman goddess Angerona. It has been said that this temple contains several naturally-formed diamond blocks. It is therefore assumed that the number of diamonds in the temple could range from 18 to almost 300. It has also been said that the temple is booby trapped, so any adventurers who find it need be careful once they enter. The only fact known about this temple is that it exists within 2,000 blocks of spawn in any direction.

Recorded FindingsEdit

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Feckyeslife at the temple entrance.


  • The Temple of Angerona existed for 2 months before it was discovered.
  • Angerona is the Roman Goddess of the inner voice.
  • This temple was created after Docithe heard a false story by another member of the server who said there was a hidden pyramid containing diamond blocks somewhere in the Badlands.