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January, 2012


thecowdiva is a Badlands Citizen who joined the server in early 2012. She was introduced by her close friend, snargeinspector. Snarge left the server at the end of the New Badlands Era but rejoined in late September of 2012. 

New BadlandsEdit

thecowdiva lived with snargeinspector for a short time after joining, before moving out into a small wooden house near the town of France. Later, she bought VIP Iron and became a member of Avalost. She built a shop in the Undercroft Mall, but continued to live in the same house by France. thecowdiva's only major project during this era was Ravina. Ravina was the name of a town she planned to make in a small ravine east of France. After leaving Avalost, she moved into the ravine and lived in a house that she dug into the ravine wall with her friend Fluffy253. King Midas13 was the only other resident of Ravina who stayed there for a long span of time. The only structures constructed and completed outside the actual Ravine were the town message board and the town hall. Unfortunately, the town was never completed because the New Badlands Era drew to a close before thecowdiva could raise enough money.

Neo BadlandsEdit

thecowdiva first began in the Neo Badlands after a month-long break from playing Minecraft. Her VIP Iron subscription had by then expired. She built herself a small wooden box house, which she has now expanded to be wider and much, much taller. Fluffy253 moved in with her. Unfortunately, the Red Road was an extremely high crime neighborhood and they were robbed almost daily, which led to thecowdiva rebuilding the entire first floor out of obsidian.

2012-08-23 21.07.28

thecowdiva's house as it stands today.

The picture to right is of thecowdiva's house. In the bottom left corner, a little pink dot, which is Fluffy253 is visible.

thecowdiva spent short times as a member of The Bandit Dynasty and Sol, but ultimately decided to focus on her home by the Red Road.

During May 2012, thecowdiva invited her friend drkaboomer to join the Badlands. He immediately moved in with Diva and Fluffy. legolass881 lived in their house for a short span of time until he was banned for advertising another server. A

cross a small river from her house, Diva has built a cathedral she called St. Andrew's.


  • TriviaEdit

  • Fluffy253 is thecowdiva's step-sister</li>
  • thecowdiva goes to the same school as drkaboome, but she is a year younger.</li>