Undercroft Mall was originally built as a proposed city-beneath-a-city underneath Avalost which originally was artificially blasted and was then consequently mined and re-built by 3ckstasy, AGPbiohazard and Mandavel and re-purposed as a mall.

Description of areaEdit

Despite Avalost's size, Undercroft Mall goes from floor level (roughly 50) all the way to bedrock and has a 9x9 block gap between each floor. Each floor is built from cobble and stone with high rock walls and many steel bar railings to stop players plummeting to their death.

Also, each level has multiple spaces for 7x7x7 shops and other sized shops depending on the level. Currently 8 are occupied.

As well as this, level one features an entrance from the Avalost-Spawn Railway Route, as well as a large wall inscription saying "UNDERCROFT", and a sign board featuring the current shops of Undercroft.


Currently, Undercroft Mall is still being created, and shop plots being filled out by individual players, mostly of Avalost. All new shop owners are given a 7x7x7 cube to build in but may build their shop to their own design. Obtaining a shop in Undercroft mall will always be free.

List of shopsEdit

A full list of the shops in Undercroft Mall will be available on it's completion.